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  • Sermons From 2019

    Date Title Presenter
    2019-07-13 Love - Part 1 Pr. Jamey Houghton Play
    2019-03-30 Elijah Standing Tall Pr. Jamey Houghton Play
    2019-02-15 RT - Part-1 - Can... Pr. John Bradshaw Play
  • Sermons For 2018

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-12-15 The Lay Evangelis... Pastor Jamey Houg... Play
    2018-10-20 Resilience Doctor David DeRose Play
    2018-10-13 God's Deliverance... Pastor Jamey Houg... Play
  • Sermons For 2017

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-12-30 What Kind Of Tree? Josh Long Play
    2017-12-23 Mary - This Wasn'... Pastor Jamey Houg... Play
    2017-12-16 The Wise Men - Fo... Pastor Jamey Houg... Play